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“Each piece is intricately arranged, and played with passion and precision. The sound of someone sawing a fiddle in half, the screaming and growling, are nothing to worry about: these guys have some troll blood in their veins, and the madness just takes them occasionally.”

-An album review by Alex Monaghan, FolkWorld

-An album review by Alex Monaghan, FolkWorld, 

Tour Dates 

Concerts Spring 2024

12th January, Folklandia, Finland

15th-18th January, school concerts in Hattula, Finland

11th February, Begegnungsstätte Lohgerberei, Mölln, Germany

12th February, Otto-Hahn Gymnasium, Geesthacht, Germany

13th February, Kulturbahnhof, Hamm, Germany

15th February, Die Färberei, Wuppertal, Germany

16th February, Aula der Alten Schule am Wall, Detmold, Germany

17th February, Kellerbar @ Consol Theater, Gelsenkirchen, Germany

18th February, Ev. Stadtkirche, Brilon, Germany

19th February, Trauzimmer Marina Rünthe, Bergkamen, Germany

21st February, Jazz Schmiede, Düsseldorf, Germany

22nd February, Teo Otto Theater, Remscheid, Germany

8th-11th March, Port Fairy Folk Festival, Australia

12th March, Open Studio, Melbourne, Australia

14th March, The Westernport Hotel, San Remo, Australia

15th-17th March, Blue Mountains Music Festival, Australia

18th March, CTC Robertson, Australia

11th April, Fiddle Hell (online), Westford, USA

23rd May, Gimle (Nordic Folk Alliance), Roskilde, Denmark

New album "Not a Violin Duo" out!

Live Performance Video

A live take on "Tähtisilmä valssi" composed by Finnish master fiddler Konsta Jylhä. Arr. Teho.

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